Portable Collapsible Camping Kettle For Hiking, Travel & Outdoors 42 oz Capacity


Add the perfect accessory to your camping gear with this essential silicone kettle. This kettle is designed to be easy to carry, lightweight, and take up the least amount of space in your backpack. Loaded with features like a sealed lid, Easy to use carrying handle, and a sleek design when opened or collapsed, it will perform the way you need it to perform during any outdoor activities.

Product Features:

  • Designed for camping and hiking, portable, collapsible and easy to use as well as lightweight, a necessity for camping equipment.
  • Perfect for long hikes and extended camping expeditions. Fits easily into any pocket of your backpack, and can be used over and over again.
  • Durable and basically indestructible. You can twist and turn this kettle, throw it around, and treat it like you do every other piece of outdoor camping gear you have.
  • Handle has a built in lock mechanism which allows you to heat up your liquids safely and more effectively.
  • Comes with a sealed lid that keeps out dirt and debris, perfect for camping in less than ideal conditions.
  • Attractive Features: Portable, Collapsible, durable, safe, lightweight

Enjoy your Coffee, Tea, or Soup While Camping Or Hiking Without The Extra Weight & Space!

Collapsible camping equipment lightweight kettle tea pot

Its no secret that maximizing your pack space and only bringing the essentials is key to a successful hike or any excursion in the outdoors. An inexperienced outdoorsman learns quickly that heavy or large items can ruin a hike as quickly as it starts. So many specialty items are designed for hiking, and this kettle is no exception.

Customer Reviews

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Handy perfect for outing

This is made our hiking life so easy. Highly recommended for any outdoor activities.

Handy perfect for outing

This handy portable kettle my life so easy and better. My whole family enjoys our stay in the jungle. This kettle is a must-buy. Highly recommended to everyone. for any outdoor activities.

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