Wrap Around Waist Clinching Corset


Do you want to shape your body like a guitar or an hourglass by flattening your belly or just simply want to loose few inches and get perfect curve? If yes, this is a right product for you. Manufactured for helping you loose your weight and tone your body, this corset will definitely make you smile as soon as your first use. While it starts making curves in your first use, it will actually help you lose about 5-6 inches of waist in few weeks with exercise by amplifying the rate of sweat coming out from your body.  

Product Features:

  • Comfortable fit: This corset is designed to be very comfortable since it uses Cotton and Nylon. It has porous design which helps sweats to evaporate while you are working out or performing everyday tasks.

  • Outcomes: Using this corset helps you immediately look better since it compresses fat around your belly. Regular use can make you belly slimmer and give your body a natural slim tone. 

  • Materials: High elasticity spiral steel bones supports,flexible and durable,bend easily but recover quickly to origin, Three rows of hooks allow for the size adjustment for the shrinking midsection.


    • Perfect Curves: This product consists of highly elastic spiral steel bone supports which can shape your body into an hourglass shape. Three rows of hooks allow you to adjust your size easily. The point of having hooks is to make sure that the corset remains in the desired fit for long time without being misadjusted itself. 

    • Comfort: This product is upgraded with 3 layers breathable latex fabric which can make you feel comfortable and absorb sweat.The inner layer is constructed with soft and cozy material (91% Cotton+9% Spandex). Mid layer is made of 100% natural latex and the outer layer is made of durable 80% Nylon + 20% Lycra & spandex. The ultimate goal is to make you COMFORTABLE wherever you are. 

      • Look slim instantly: Although the regular use of this corset actually helps to burn fat, it also makes you look slimmer as soon as you wear it because of compression. It helps to reduce 3-4 inches in waist when you wear it. Select the size you like with the size map image. Or you could just choose the right size in cm from drop-down menu by the listing.

        • Burn fat in your belly: Usually it takes long time to turn your body into guitar shape even if you are working out hard. This corset acts as a catalyst by reducing the time to reach your goal. Unlike cheating, this corset actually helps your body to burn fat while you are working out. Wear it to look gorgeous or wear it to lose some fat, both will work. 

          We have manufacturers all around the globe working hard, just to make their living by proving this high quality corset for you.



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